Adec Drill Closed

The Adec portable drill unit is one of the finest in the industry. It has high speed, low speed, air, water, and suction. It needs an external compressor to run it. TheRotadent program offers a special grant to defer the cost for those interested in starting dental clinics in under-served third world settings.

Adec Drill Open

Aseptico Taskforce Drill Closed

Aseptico Taskforce Drill Open

The Aseptico Taskforce Delux is smaller than the Adec and contains its own compressor. It weighs only 28.5 lbs. All you need to add is electricity.


I-TEC Dental Chair

Save your back; buy a portable dental chair. The model on the Left is made by I-TEC and weighs a mere 23 lbs. but supports up to 300 lbs. Backpack straps are optional and suitable for roadless, mountainous areas.

The model on the right is made in Columbia. It is heavier than the I-TEC chair but comes with a halogen light.

Portable Dental Chair


Aseptico also makes a portable chair that weighs only 30 lbs. It comes with a sturdy, padded travel case.


If you need to travel with a compressor Jen Air makes several which are ideal. The unit pictured to the right is slim enough to fit nicely into a standard suitcase without drawing the attention of customs agents.

Jen Air Compressor


The Honda generator is sufficient to power one Aseptico unit's compressor and the Honda is compact enough to fit into a Contico footlocker for travel. When unable to transport a regular sized generator, this is a wonderful alternative.

Honda 1000 watt Generator


This Dentsply cavitron is compact, portable, and does not need an external water source. It is perfect for missions trips with electricity.

Dentsply Cavitron


Prestige ClassicAutoclave

Steam sterilization, when possible, is the way to go. Cold sterilization does not kill organisms such as Mycobacterium Avium Intercelluli unless cold sterilized for 6 - 8 hours. This wait period is not ideal in most missions outreach contexts. Steam sterilization should be used with susceptible AIDS populations in the developing world if electricity is available.

The Prestige Classic is fully automatic and fits in a Contico footlocker. The sterilization cycle lasts just 30 minutes. Less expensive brands (1915X New Non Electric Sterilizer and 25X New 110 V Sterilizer) are also listed as options.

Cold Sterilization

When you are doing a very rural outreach without electricity, cold sterilization is sometimes the only option available.


The Dental Missions corollary of Murphey's law is that as soon as you get the carie open and prepped the electricity will go off. Go on your missions trip prepared to deal with a power outage. Pictured here are a mortar and pestle, liquid mercury, and amalgam tablets for molars. The box to the right contains a self curring resin set for anteriors.

Mortar & Pestle, Liquid Mercury, and Self-Curing Resin Kit


The best case for carrying equipment internationally is the Contico Footlocker. It is airline specification size (31" x 17" x 13"). It has metal latches that don't break easily. And it is lockable and stackable. They travel well on mules, in canoes, and keep your equipment dry in the rain.

Contico Footocker